Welcome to Holy Church of Christ Inc. Binghamton, NY & THP Ministry Services 


Holy Church of Christ Inc. Binghamton, NY is a Christian based, Non-denominational, ALL Inclusive Church and Ministry. We strive to include everyone and to reach out to ALL that are in need. As Christ did, we take to the streets and online to help those that need. Our goal is to operate a Mobile Food Pantry that serves ALL of Broome County, Provide information and help with Housing needs, clothing, mental and health needs. We focus on Homeless, Veterans and Low Income individuals and families. Reverend Tim Page created this Church and Ministry because he is dedicated to helping others and bringing God's Children into the fold. He will be doing Podcasts to help teach and inform those who need a spiritual lift. As always, God Bless All

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Who is Aunt Dot?
AUNT DOT is my Mother whom I named my Food Pantry after. Dorothea Page always fed anyone who came through her door. We lived in Chenango Forks, NY. A small home town but everyone was like family. All the kids in town called my mom Aunt Dot. She babysat and loved children. There were 5 of us boys. Two of my brothers were in sports and always brought their whole teams to our house so my mom could feed them before games. She made clothes for us boys and other people in the neighborhood. She taught us from the get go that God wanted us to take care of each other and others around us. She always said that what we have was to be shared with those that don't have. My mom went Home to be with family and friends and God in 2003. I wanted to leave a legacy for her that others could benefit from. That's why I started AUNT DOT'S CUPBOARD food pantry. We rely on donations so please donate food, clothing and personal care items. God Bless.

Who is Reverend Tim? I grew up in Chenango Forks, NY. I graduated from Chenango Forks Schools. The youngest of 5 boys I learned from my mom and brothers to help others in need. I always thought my calling was to be a minister so I got ordained in 2016. I took online courses and recieved my Doctorates degree in Divinity. I preform marraiages, funerals and do all the usual Ministry duties. I operate my church and food pantry out of my house. I am trying to get a building to locate the church and food pantry in. My goal is to have a space that I can expand the food pantry to have fresh and frozen foods and fresh vegitables. I want to have a space for furniture and other items people might need. I also want to have a kitchen so I can give out hot meals and have dinners for the hungry. Our area is in great need of food delivery to homebound people and furniture and clothing and baby items. I'm trying to provide for as many as possible. I work with 2 other independant food pantries that also have blessing boxes for 24/7 availability. I am working on having a blessing box also. Eventually I want to have food pantries and blessing boxes all through Broome County. I also Volunteer with the Broome County Food Council to share information to all through Social Media like Facebook. I am working on starting a blog here on my website and Facebook so I can connect with more people. I believe God has called me to do his work here on earth. My Ministry is Nondenominational and ALL Inclusive, Christian based. I TEACH God's word. 

Reverend Tim Page
Founder/Board President/ Lead Pastor

Aunt Dot's Food Pantry